Guide (Sitter)

Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing and rewarding job of photographing.

Photographing babies are my passion and I consider myself truly blessed to be around these little miracles so much.

What to Expect

Your session starts at the time it is scheduled for so please do your best to be on time.

Should you be late it will result in less poses/set-ups and in turn less images for you.

If you are more than 30 mins late for the session without notice I do have the right to cancel as per the contract you signed.


Sitter sessions are usually up to 2 hours.

The studio will be warm in order to keep your baby comfortable.

Please dress in layers so that you don’t get too hot. please also feel free to bring your own refreshments.

As my studio doesn’t have a lot of seating room, I kindly ask that you do not bring extra family members/friends with you to the session who are not involved with the shoot.

It is recommended that you avoid scheduling doctor appointments or any other appointments on the morning of your session as this can disrupt or agitate baby if they are in and out of the car, especially if they are being poked and prodded by a Dr prior to arriving at the studio. 

What to bring

Please bring extra bottles of formula.


I try to allow very little handling with the parents during the session as it can often make baby more irritable especially if they can smell ‘mommy’. I will only hand your baby back to you if I feel he/she needs feeding. I kindly ask that you do not hover over me during the session. I have a comfortable seating area for you to sit back and relax and allow me to work with your newborn while you catch up on emails, read a book or even take a nap.

Please bring the following:

Extra bottles, wipes, a pacifier.

My goal is to help keep baby happy and calm during your session and is only used if assistance is needed to capture certain poses.

For Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad you are a big part of the show. Photographing the connection between you and your baby is one of my all time favorite things.

Dads: if you prefer not to be shirtless I ask that you bring a tight fitting t-shirt to wear with a good.

Moms: Keep the color neutral and design simple. I aim to photograph using flattering angles and light to bring out the natural beauty in your family.

For Siblings

Including older brother/sister(s) in your sitter’s portraits is the perfect way to document this fleeting time in your lives.

If you are bringing an older sibling to the studio, please let me know how many and how old before day of your session, so I can prepare start shooting your new baby with sibling(s).

I have a variety of props, headbands and hats that fit within my style to use during the session. I kindly ask that you do not bring your own props, clothing, gadget or anything else that doesn’t fit within my style. If you have something special that you wish photograph with your baby, you must send me some pictures of it before the day of your session.

I will go through various poses during the session. I will try my very best to get every pose and prop possible with your baby however some babies just don’t like certain poses.

A re-shoot will only be offered should your baby not settle at all and I feel I haven’t gotten enough images.

Where is The Studio Located


9113 Camden Lake Way, Elk Grove, CA 95624

What Should I do If I'm Running Late

Please text me. +1(408)-296-9468